About Falls Lumber Company

International Falls MN Lumber Headquarters

March 4 1948, Standard Lumber Company, owned by Lewis and Carol Keyes, became a Corporation under the laws of the state of Minnesota.  Standard Lumber Company’s name was changed to Falls Lumber Company September 3, 1974 after it was purchased by Jon Talsness, John Haase, and Bernard Talsness.

Falls Lumber Company | Lumber Products | Ontario & International Falls MNIn 1986, at the age of 24, Wade Bacon started as the yard foreman for Falls Lumber Company. Wade was enthusiastic and ambitious, and quickly worked his way into sales. Early on in his career, Wade had a dream of owning Falls Lumber Company. He worked hard to obtain product knowledge and expertise and devoted his energy to making the business successful. Wade’s love for the building industry and his desire to help people build their dreams was evident to his employers who brought in his own phone line and provided an office for Wade to work.

In 1992 , Wade became the manager for Falls Lumber. As a manager, Wade promoted employee training, education and safety. He poured his heart and soul into Falls Lumber Company and carved a niche for the company. Wade established strong relationships with local and area contractors and insisted on extraordinary customer service. If customers needed a product in the evening or on a week-end, Wade would make sure they were taken care of.

After 16 years of being an employee of Falls Lumber Company, Wade Bacon purchased the company on March 21, 2002. He continues to manage the company with the same philosophy he had before he owned Falls Lumber Company. Wade insists on employee training and education as he and the Falls Lumber team strive to keep abreast of new products, techniques and building codes always staying on the cutting edge of the industry.

Interior Design Center | International Falls Minnesota | Falls Lumber CompanyWade’s wife, Linda, joined him at Falls Lumber Company in 2005. Together they have been pro-active in renovating and creating an environment for consumers to see and touch products. Renovations included adding hand hewn log siding to the main office and an old window shed which was transformed into an innovative Design Center extraordinaire. Falls Lumber Company continues to be a progressive, innovative company serving all of BORDER LAND.

FALLS LUMBER MISSION STATEMENT: To provide unsurpassed customer service, competitive pricing and quality products from professionals you can trust.